Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Make a Difference America support any particular political party or any particular candidate?
A. No. Make a Difference America is a non-profit organization that encourages politicians and community members to bridge political differences and advance solutions that benefit the nation as a whole.

Q. Will my donation help?
A. Yes. Donations fund the actual work of Make a Difference America. This includes research to identify where the system needs to be fixed, as well as expenses in making public officials aware of issues that need to be addressed.

The officers and directors of Make a Difference America are volunteers. Make a Difference America does not pay lobbyists and does not have employees.

Q. Does Make a Difference America supply veterans with wheelchairs and mobility devices?
A. No. By law, disabled veterans are entitled to receive needed wheelchairs and mobility devices from the federal government.  Make a Difference America wants to take the actions necessary to ensure disabled veterans receive the equipment that they are entitled to without undo delay and unnecessary difficulty.

Q. Can I make a difference?
A. Yes. Everyone can. You can spread the word about our efforts. You can join our campaigns. You can tell us about other conditions that negatively impact our community. You can educate yourself and others regarding our causes. You can write your congressional representatives. You can donate. You can volunteer. You can proudly wear a Freedom Shirt or Freedom Hat.