Our Founder

David R. Meister is the founder of Make a Difference America. Dave has always lived by the belief that by working together, and having many people doing their part, we can accomplish anything. Make a Difference America leads on initiatives to empower every American to bring about change to the benefit of our country—regardless of financial position or political affiliation. Every American should be given the opportunity to make a difference.

We invite you to make a difference America.

In addition to his leadership of Make a Difference American, Dave is President of ISC International Limited, a veteran-owned commercial electronic messaging company that he formed in 1987. Prior to establishing ISC, Dave served in the United States Coast Guard, rising to the enlisted rank of E6 and later receiving a direct commission as an Ensign.

Dave has been inspired by the work of the Gary Sinise Foundation, The Independence Fund, and the people who give of themselves unselfishly to support veterans.

David Meister, Richard Dreyfuss and Gary Sinise, June 2016

Dave Meister meets with Richard Dreyfuss and Gary Sinise in June, 2016

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